Bedazzling and Beyond

Alright, you can’t avoid it. love it or hate it… its never going to completely fade from the eye of pop culture. It gets revamped and re-packaged for every generation. It’s probably older than your grandma and she probably still has one too. Yes, its the timeless classic: The Bedazzler.

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Here at Kit Kraft we love bedazzling. There is so much more you can do with studs and nailheads than the box or cheesy pattern booklet that comes with the machine will tell you. We are going to take you through the basics of using the bedazzler machine to set studs, rhinestones and rim settings. Then we’re going to show you how to take bedazzling to the next dimension. Virtually anything that is flat on the back and the same diameter as a stud can be bedazzled, but you’ll have to put down to Bedazzler and learn to hand-set without the machine to get to the next level.

If you order your Bedazzler from Kit Kraft, it will come with the bedazzler and components to assemble a total of four plungers. These plungers will set rhinestones and studs in sizes 20, 30, 34 and 40. Size 20 will already be assembled and loaded into the machine.

Follow the instructions in the bedazzler box to set up and assemble your plungers. Additionally, you should use a hobby knife or an x-acto knife to shave off the plastic burrs on the plungers so that they will fit perfectly into the plunger arm.

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Once you have your bedazzler and plungers assembled, you are ready to start.

First, we will look at setting regular studs with the bedazzler. Once you have picked out your stud, use the sizing tool on the base of the bedazzler to determine what size plunger you will need…

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Push the stud with the prongs facing down into the plunger.

Position your fabric face up over the setter plate where you want to place the stud. Then Press down firmly until you feel the prongs bend. The prongs are coming through the fabric and curving in with the grooves on the face plate to lock onto the fabric. Super simple.

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Next up… Rhinestones (Tiffany Set)

You should mark on your fabric where you would like to place your rhinestone and make sure that it bleeds through to the other side. We use a very fine tip Sharpie marker.

Switch the setter plate to the R dish then load your setting into the plunger. Next, put your rhinestone in the dish face down. Then, position your fabric face down over the setter plate. Push down firmly as you would with the studs to set the stone.

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Rhinestones with Rim Settings

First, push the rim setting into the plunger. Next, place your rhinestone on your fabric, and position the plunger arm over it. Press down firmly to set the stone in place.

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Heavy Duty Studs (for setting on leather or thicker fabric)

To do this you will need: heavy duty studs and a leather punch and some kind of tool for pressing the metal prongs down (a good tool would be the eraser end of a regular pencil).

First, place the stud prongs up on the leather where you would like to set it, and mark the leather on either side where the prongs will go.

Next, use your leather punch (on the smallest size) to make the holes where you made your markings. You can probably get away with using an awl or very, very carefully using an x-acto knife to make small slits.

Then, fit the prongs into the holes. Flip your leather over and use the pencil eraser (or whatever is handy) to press down the prongs thus securing the stud.

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So now you know the basics.

Not interested in the glitz and sparkle of rhinestones and bored of the standard stuff? Try this: pull the post off of an 8mm realistic doll eye, (diameter equal to a size 40) and take a matching size 40 rim setting. Put the eye into the rim setting, push the prongs through the fabric to the other side and use your pencil eraser (or other tool) to fold down the prongs.

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Moving even farther into uncharted bedazzling territory, the true potential begins to open up. You can bedazzle ANYTHING that is the same diameter as one of the studs and is flat. Some ideas might include coins, beads, cabochons, googly eyes, metal findings, buttons etc. If you read our previous post about making your own buttons, you might use those instructions to create your own custom bedazzlements!

You achieve this by using a stud as a tiffany setting. Simply push a stud through the back side of your fabric so the prongs are facing out fit your object in between the prongs and press the prongs down around your object (as pictured below). For reference, nickels can be set using our 7/8″ peace sign studs. A 1 Euro cent piece fits perfectly with our 3/4″ round dome studs.

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We also included some photos above of how we cut the posts off of our animal eyes and turned them into bedazzlements. If you really need to take it over the top go for a few bottles of puffy paint to fill in the places you can’t bedazzle on.

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