DIY Gift Wrap Ideas

Looking for creative gift wrapping ideas? Creating your own DIY wrapping paper by carving your own stamps can be a great way to make your gifts extra special and stay budget friendly this holiday season.


Stamp Carving Basics

To get started, begin by deciding what item you would like to print on first and what colors you’d like to use. I recommend having a separate brayer and surface (wax paper or styrofoam plate) for each color you’re using. If you’re just starting and only have one brayer, just print the stamps in the first color, wash the stamps and brayer and then print in the second color and so on for each color. Decide on an image and then draw with a pencil onto the stamp surface. You can use a pink eraser or Speedy Cut Easy blocks to practice. (For a more professional look, or for when you feel you’ve got the hang of it, you can use the Speedy Carve blocks).

Carve intricate parts of the pattern with the smallest cutting tip (#1). To carve away bigger areas, use the larger tips (#2, etc.). Use the cutting tip or an X-acto knife to cut away any extra piece of the block/eraser.

Roll out the color ink with a brayer and then roll the brayer onto the surface of the cut block or eraser. Test out your pattern by stamping onto a scrap piece of paper. You may need to further carve or cut away pieces to get the design just right. Remember that any part of the block you carve away will be the color of the background of the surface you’re printing onto. The part of your block that remains will be what is covered in the ink and shows up when you print onto your surface. Tips: To get a nice, random pattern, be sure to stamp off the edge of your surface. This will give it a printed look. To make an image stand out, stamp in the center of the card, tag, etc. Start with your largest stamp first, then fill in the surface with the next smallest stamp. Save the details for last. For the smaller stamps, sometimes it’s easiest just to roll out the block printing ink with the brayer and then stamp into the ink instead of rolling the brayer over the top.

DIY Christmas Card

To create your own DIY Christmas card, stamp the garland across the top with black printing ink. Then stamp the ornament in magenta, blue, and green, alternating the colors and cleaning off the stamp in between each color.

Carve a tree into the Speedy Cut block. Stamp the tree in the center in green. When dry, add details like the ornaments with eraser end of a pencil and the star with a brush pen. Glue a red ribbon bow to the top of the tree.

Stamped Envelope

To make a festive envelope, draw some circles into your Speedy-Cut block and cut them out with the X-acto knife. Then carve out the center for the first circle and use the fine tip (#1) to carve small dots onto the second circle. Stamp the dotted circle (or “ornament”) into the magenta ink and stamp all over the envelope. Stamp the hollow circle into the gold ink and stamp over the magenta ornaments.

Tip: don’t throw away those scrap pieces! They can be used to make little detail stamps such as the white diamond or “snowflake.” Stamp the snowflake into the white ink and stamp into the remaining spaces. Tip: you can also use found objects to create unique patterns! Use the end of an unused eraser on your pencil to create little dots in green ink.

DIY Wrapping Paper

Making your own wrapping paper or patterned DIY gift box is easy! Just carve a few stamps in different variations--in this case, three different tree patterns. To create the pink tree stamp, draw your shape onto a piece of the Speedy-Cut block in pencil. Cut away the tree with the X-acto blade. Use the #2 tip to carve circles into the tree for “ornaments.” To carve the blue tree stamp, draw the tree shape as before and cut away from the block. Use the smallest tip to trace around the shapes that you’d like to carve away. Carve into the shapes with the #2 tip.

Stamp the first few trees with green ink. Be sure to leave some space for the other stamps and stamp off the edge for a gift wrap look. Stamp the second tree in pink and a third tree shape in blue. Remember to go in order from largest shape to smallest shape when creating an overall random pattern. Allow some time to dry in between to avoid smudging. Let dry and add a festive tag or card.

Gift Tags

Another creative gift wrapping idea is to make your own DIY gift tags. Simply stamp each tag with your pattern of choice. You can have a focal image and add details with the brush pens. Or, you can stamp in different shapes and colors to create an abstract pattern. Add twine to the top of each tag and adhere to a gift box or bag.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY gift wrap tutorial and are inspired to create your own unique boxes, tags, cards and bags this holiday season! You can use this idea year-round for any holiday, birthday or special occasion!