DIY Halloween Decorations: Faux Taxidermy

Looking for some quick Halloween decorating ideas? I’ll show you how to create awesome, faux taxidermy which are perfect for quick and easy DIY Halloween decor!

Creepy Halloween decorations have been out since summer started but by the time I’m ready to start decorating for Halloween, everything’s gone and the next holiday items are up on the shelves! Are you in the shop-for-the-current-holiday-that-same-month camp like me? If so, no worries--you can easily create your own homemade Halloween decorations in no time! Let’s gather our materials and get started!


First, coat one side of your plastic creature (the side that will be facing outward from the wood base with gesso using a foam brush. This will allow the acrylic paint to adhere much better as well as give you brighter colors. When dry, apply a second coat of gesso, making sure to get all the crevices and especially covering any parts of the creature that will be visible from the wood base (front, top, bottom and sides). Don’t worry too much about the back, which will be glued to the base.

Once the creature is dry, apply your metallic paint color of choice to the gessoed areas with a bristle brush. Scrub the paint into the cracks and hard-to-reach places to ensure full coverage. You may need a second coat of paint.

While your creature is drying, apply a coat of gesso to the wood base with a bristle brush (the wood may be a tiny bit coarse and a foam brush will snag or catch on the surface). Applying gesso to wood helps coat the surface so that you don’t need as much acrylic paint to completely cover it. (Optional: You may sand the wood base before applying the gesso)

Once the wood base is dry, apply a generous amount of black paint to the entire top surface and sides. You may need a second coat as well, but one coat and a few touch-up spots will do just fine.

When everything is dry and completely covered in paint, warm up your glue gun and apply a medium dab of glue to the back of the creature in areas that will stick to the wood base. In most cases, just one glob in the center on the back will do, but you can also glue it in several places, depending on the size and shape of your creature. (For instance, the bat’s wings will droop if not partially adhered to the wood base, so you will need to glue the bat’s body and wings to the base)

When the glue dries, remove any strings of dried glue that may remain (or leave it in place for a creepy, spider-web look!) Mount onto your wall with your method of choice, or simply prop it up on your fireplace mantle among your collection of other creepy Halloween decorations!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Halloween decorating idea and that you’re inspired to create your own faux taxidermy! It’s so easy to make your own homemade Halloween decorations, you may never need to buy them several months in advance ever again!