DIY Rhinestone Purse

Creating your own custom DIY purse with rhinestones is simple and fun! All you need is a purse or handbag (wallets work great, too!), Swarovski rhinestones in your favorite colors/sizes, a Bedazzler and your creativity. If you’d like to set your rhinestones, you’ll need rhinestone settings (just be sure they are the same size as your rhinestones) and/or some fabric adhesive, if you’d just like to apply the rhinestones directly to the surface of your purse or handbag.

This technique also works great for items that already have printed patterns or are too thick to puncture. If there is already a printed design, you can use the rhinestones to enhance or compliment the pattern or go all-out and cover it completely using the pattern as a template.


To start, place the setting in the plunger part of the Bedazzler. Then place the rhinestone in the “R” or round setter in the setter plate. Place the purse face down so that the front of the purse where you’d like the rhinestone to go is touching the back of the rhinestone. Press down on the arm so that the plunger is on the inside of the purse (back side of the fabric). Check to see if the prongs have pushed through the material and wrapped around the rhinestone. If your material is too thick, you can also do this step without the material and just glue the set rhinestone directly onto the purse with strong fabric glue.

To add a design, simply use a template and place it on the surface of your fabric. Then, use an awl to puncture a hole to mark the place where the rhinestone will go. Because you are working with an already-constructed item, this part may be a bit difficult to line up. It might help to glue the rhinestone in place over the hole to ensure that it will be in the right place. It is also easier to just set the rhinestone and glue it to the surface with a strong fabric glue (such as Fabri-Tac). Varying the use of set and non-set rhinestones, as well as different colors and sizes can add interest to the overall design.

Another great way to use rhinestones is to glue them directly onto the surface of a printed pattern. This will enhance the design and allow you to add as little or as much sparkle to your design.

This is also the easiest and quickest way to add rhinestones to your purse, handbag, wallet or any accessory. Simply adhere the rhinestones directly to the surface using a strong fabric glue.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial on how to create your own rhinestone handbags and that you’re inspired to make your own rhinestone purses and accessories!