DIY Sequin Embellished T-Shirt

It is so simple to create your own DIY sequin t shirt. With just a few simple materials, you can transform any piece of clothing by adding sequins, giving it a unique look. You can upcycle and use what you have in your closet or find something at the thrift store that needs some TLC. Just grab a few basic materials and let’s get started!


Getting Started: Sequin Heart T Shirt

To get started creating this DIY sequin top, you’ll need a plain t-shirt, craft sequins, fabric glue and a cardstock cut-out heart shape (or any shape you choose). First, wash, dry and iron your shirt. Then, place a piece of paper inside the shirt (to protect the inside from the glue). Place the cut-out shape in the center of the shirt.

Now let’s learn how to put sequins on a shirt. First trace around the edge of the shape with the fabric glue. Carefully lift the shape--you should now have an even line of glue.

Quickly place the first color of sequins along the glue line (shiny side up). If you find the glue is drying too quickly, simply add more glue or just do small sections at a time. You can also draw a free hand design or image as well. Once you’ve placed the first row of sequins, add another outline of glue around the outer edge of sequins.

Place the second row of sequins. Continue for a third and fourth row. Lay flat to dry. Be sure to run your hand inside the shirt to feel if any glue has seeped through to the paper. If so, remove and add some waxed paper in between so that the shirt is not glued together on the inside!

Sequin Art Supplies Top

You can take any old t-shirt that has a design on it and upcycle it, giving it new life by simply adding sequins! Take a plain t-shirt and transform it into sequin art!

Simply add fabric glue to certain images or areas of the design that you wish to embellish or emphasize. You can use similar colors to fill in the printed areas or just make up your own color combination. Add as much or as little decoration to your sequin top.

Unicorn Sequin Shirt

T-shirts with simple line drawings can also be a great canvas for your sequin art! Simply fill in areas that you wish to embellish with sequins or beads. Try using contrasting colors that really stand out against the background.

Also, using tube beads next to the sequins can create an interesting contrast in visual texture! To add the sequins and beads, just fill in the area with fabric glue and apply. Be sure to work in small segments at a time to avoid the glue drying too quickly.

Caring for Your Sequin T Shirt

Allow 24 hours to dry before wearing and 7-10 days before washing to allow the glue to fully cure. To wash, turn the sequined shirt inside out and hand wash or wash on gentle cycle. Do not soak or wring dry. Lay flat to dry.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article on how to make a DIY Sequin t-shirt! Now let’s see your sequin shirts arts and craft ideas!