DIY Studded Shoes

It is so easy to create your own studded sandals, shoes or boots. All you need is a pair of your favorite footwear and studs. Learn how to put studs on shoes and then you can have a unique, custom pair of shoes in an afternoon!


Studded Sandals

From studded gladiator sandals and flat sandals to studded strappy sandals, there are tons of styles you can add studs to. To create the studded sandals, simply start on one end of the strap closest to the front. Press the gold flat circle stud through the strap until all four prongs are visible on the other side.

You may need to use the end of a pen or marker to press the material down a bit so that the prongs are all visible and even. Use a flat, metal object such as a butter knife or metal ruler to press the prongs down. This will secure the flat stud in place.

Be sure to continue to press the prongs so that the point presses back into the material. This will assure that the sharp tips of the prongs do not scratch your skin while wearing.

Continue to add the gold studs to the strap on each side of the sandal, and on both sandals. You can measure for accuracy, but I found it to be easier to just eyeball your measurements and space the 1/2" studs (size 60) a little less than ¼” apart.

Studded Shoes

To create the studded shoes, repeat the steps as you did in creating the sandals, only using the black round dome studs. I used canvas shoes but you can also design your own studded flats or thin leather shoes. The shoes are a bit more challenging, only because you are limited to only being able to place the dome studs where you can see the underside.

For example, adding these 3/8" studs (Size 40) to the toe area would be quite difficult since you wouldn’t be able to see the prongs on the other side. I chose to embellish along the seams of the shoes for an interesting look.

Adding nailhead studs to the heels of shoes can be more challenging since it is usually made with double the material. In that case, try using studs with extra long prongs. When choosing your studs, you can try different combinations of colors depending on the look you want. For the shoes, tone on tone (black studs on black shoes) gives it a subtle texture. You can also mix different finishes/colors to create something totally unique.

Studded Boots

For the studded boots, I choose a pair of lace boots, but you can also create your own studded ankle boots, black, thin leather boots or even cowboy boots. I decided to accent each side along the laces with silver cone spike studs. First, remove the laces for easier access to the inside of the boots.

Space the cone spike studs about ⅛” apart, leaving about ¼” at the top and bottom of the column of studs. You can use your thumb nail to fold the prongs of the studs over, but it can leave you with sore thumbs in the end! It’s best to use a flat metal ruler to secure the silver studs.

And that’s it! It is so easy to transform an old, tired pair of sandals into something amazing for the summer. Scour your closet or the nearest thrift store for some old shoes or boots that could use some extra love and care and create your own custom pair of unique studded footwear. I hope you enjoyed this DIY shoes tutorial and that you are inspired to design your own studded shoes!