DIY Studded Shorts

Creating your own fashion statement is easy with these DIY studded shorts! All you need are a pair of jean shorts or other clothing item (shoes, jeans, jacket, etc.) and some studs for clothing and you can have a unique clothing item in no time. Let’s gather our supplies and I’ll show you how to apply studs to clothing!



Before you begin, be sure to wash and dry all items according to the label. You can sketch out your design ahead of time, as well as marking where you would like to place each stud with a fabric marker. Or you can just eyeball and place each stud as you go. Using a Bedazzler can be useful for larger items but you can just as easily use a metal tool such as a butter knife to set each fabric stud.

To adhere the fabric stud, push it through so that each prong pierces through the surface to the other side. Then, use the tip of the butter knife to push the prongs over and down to secure it to the fabric.

Repeat with each square stud, making sure to space each stud evenly. You can mark the position with a fabric marker or you can eyeball your design as you go. The easiest way is to attach a fabric stud at either end of a line and then eyeball the middle between the two ½” studs. Then add more in between on either end.

Laying the studs out over the clothing item can also help to get an idea of what pattern will fit and how it will look before marking and/or attaching the faceted studs. Take a photo to have something to refer back to while placing the studs.

You can use studs for clothing to accent an area such as a pocket, such as with these cone spike studs around the seam or you can cover the whole item for the most visual impact. Try using different colors and sizes or varying patterns to get a different look. To cover an entire pair of shorts with 1/2" silver faceted square studs, I would recommend two packages (or about 200 total pieces). One package of the 1/2" silver faceted square studs was enough to accent half of the front of the shorts as well as the back pockets.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY studded denim shorts project and that you’re inspired to create your own unique, altered clothing!