DIY Beaded Wire Wall Art

Looking for some wire sculpture ideas? Learn how to make a wire sculpture tree using a few simple materials: metal wire, beads of your choice, wire cutters, and needle nose pliers. You can create simple yet stunning beaded wire wall art in no time. Let’s get started!


To begin, cut about 20” of the 24 gauge copper metal wire and form into a 5.5” circle. Overlap the ends of the wire to form the circle and fasten with about 12” of the 16 gauge copper metal wire by wrapping it around the overlapped sections of the 24 gauge wire to form about a 1” section of wrapped wire. This will mark the top of your design.

Then, cut sixteen 10-12” pieces of 16 gauge wire. These will form the trunk, roots and branches of the wire tree sculpture. Gather the wires together and twist them in the middle to form the body or trunk of the tree.

Place the twisted wires in the center of the circle. Bend the twisted trunk slightly to form a slight “C” shape. Separate the strands into groups of two and pull apart at the top to form the branches and at the bottom to form the roots.

Cut a few inches from each bottom wire and wrap it around the main circle until secure. Try to space them out unevenly to mimic the look of roots. Trim off any excess wire and crimp down with the flat nose pliers. Repeat with each of the root wires until complete.

Once the roots are secure, begin threading the 5mm fuchsia beads onto the first pair of wires on the left. Thread the beads until you get to the outer rim of the circle.

You may need to trim the excess wire to about an inch of wire, then wrap around the outer circle and crimp with the flat nose pliers. Continue threading beads in rainbow order (or any colors you’d like!) until you get to the end.

Try to use different sizes of beads to vary the look of each branch. Also, shape the branches so that they curve and twist in different ways to add interest to your design. You can also slide the branches around a little before crimping them down completely on the outer circle.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this wire tree sculpture tutorial and that it has inspired some wire and bead art ideas of your own! It doesn’t take much to create a beautiful piece of DIY wire wall art. You can use nature or geometric designs to create your own wire wall decor.