DIY Metal and Leather Wrap Bracelet

DIY bracelets are both elegant and easy to make!

Learn how to make your own jewelry with this easy DIY wrap bracelet. If you love making your own jewelry, you’ll love how easy it is to make this DIY wrap bracelet. Making your jewelry is fun and can be an inexpensive way to add to your collection. All you need are a few simple materials and you can have your own handmade creation within an afternoon. Let’s get started!


First, insert about three inches of the brass tube into the tube bender. Make sure it is the right size tube bender--try each one in order from smallest to largest until you find the one that fits exactly.

Then, gently begin to bend the tube. You want a slight arch that will fit nicely across your wrist. You may need to take the tube out and test it against your wrist to be sure you are not bending it too much.

Once you get the bend that you’d like, mark off the places on the tube where you will need to cut in order to have an even arch (it will be about 3 inches long, but size may vary based on the size of your wrist). Insert the tube into the tube cutter, lining up the mark with the blade.

Line up the mark on the tube with the blade in the tube cutter.

Tighten the knob to secure the tube inside the tube cutter. You should twist the knob until you cannot twist any more.

Twist the knob until the tube is secure inside the tube cutter.

Once secure, begin to twist the tube. You will need to tighten the knob a few times as the blade begins to cut through the tube.

Hold the tube cutter with one hand and twist the tube with the other. It helps to hold onto the bent end of the tube as you twist.

Keep twisting and tightening until the tube snaps in two. Repeat on the other side. You now have your first metal tube “bead” for your bracelet!

Twist the tube in the tube cutter until the tube snaps in two.

Use this first metal tube bead as your template. Repeat the bending process and when you are ready to cut, use the template to adjust the arch of each additional bead. You will need 6 total.

Use the first metal tube bead as a template to help line up the arch and length of additional beads.

Once you have all six metal tube beads, slide them onto the leather lacing. Test out the spacing on your wrist as you go.

Thread the metal tube beads onto the leather cord.

Once you have a feel for what it will look like on your wrist, you can tie off one end of the bracelet by forming a loop with the leather cord and securing the end with two of the jump rings.

Form a circle as you add each bead. Lay the unfinished bracelet on your wrist to get a feel for the spacing of the beads and the final look of the bracelet.

Use the chain nose pliers to open the rings and then squeeze the jump ring closed, crimping the jump ring around the leather cords. Repeat with a second jump ring.

Use two jump rings to secure a loop at each end of the leather cord.

Trim off any excess cord and repeat on the other end. Connect one of the looped ends and the lobster clasp with a jump ring.

Cut off excess cord and secure the other end with another loop. Attach the lobster clasp to one end with a jump ring.

And now you have a simple, yet elegant DIY bracelet! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that you have fun making these beautiful wrap bracelets!

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