Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

Get your craft on with these quick and easy DIY Halloween costumes for kids and adults! All you need are a few items you might already have around the house plus a few crafting items and you’re set! A DIY Halloween mask is an easy way to get a budget-friendly or last minute costume together with the addition of a few things you might even already have! It’s also a great way to turn a store-bought costume into something custom and unique. Let’s get started!


Optional accessories & tools:

  • Werewolf: flannel shirt, jeans
  • Peacock: blue bodysuit or t-shirt, blue tights/leggings, blue skirt
  • Dragon: dragon costume/dress
  • Fox: orange/fox t-shirt, orange/fox print pants (or PJs)
  • X-acto knife & cutting mat

Dragon Mask

First, begin by taking about ¼ of the paperclay from the package. Be sure to store the remaining clay in an airtight ziplock or container. If the clay seems a bit dry, just use a spray bottle to add a little water to it as you knead the clay in your hands. Roll into a ball and flatten a few times to work in the little bit of water. You don’t want the clay too dry or too sticky. Add a little more clay if it’s too sticky/wet and add water if it’s too dry. A spray bottle can be handy for this purpose. Take a portion of the clay (about half) and split that into two pieces. Roll them into about a 3” long, snake-like shape. Pinch the top half of the snake so you form a ridge along the entire length.

Shape this around the top of the eye of the mask, starting from the corner, then shaping it around the eye and out to the side. Pinch off any excess clay. Take half of the remaining clay and create two snake-like shapes as well. Pinch the top like you did before to form the ridges. Shape it along the forehead area of the mask about a half inch from the first pair of ridges. Take the remaining clay and form a thin snake-like shape. Form into a “V” and position in the middle of the forehead area of the mask. Allow these clay pieces to dry overnight. You might need to prop up the dragon face mask so that it is level to prevent the clay pieces from slipping or falling off.

Once the clay pieces are dry, you will cover them with a light coat of gesso. Cover the mask with a coat of gesso, too. When the gesso is completely dry, glue the clay pieces on to the mask. Paint the dragon mask with a base coat of purple metallic paint. Paint the clay pieces with the metallic green paint. You may need two coats of paint on the mask and/or clay pieces to get a bright, vibrant color. When the paint is dry, draw scales on the mask with a black paint pen. Add gold accents with gold paint or a gold paint pen. Lightly brush the green clay pieces just along the ridges. Add gold scales below the eyes and anywhere else you’d like!

The rest of your dragon Halloween costume can be completed with some things you might already have in your closet or combine it with a store-bought Halloween costume for a custom look!

Werewolf Mask

Place the mask face down on the back of the brown fur and trace with a paint pen or Sharpie marker. Trace the eyes as well. Cut out along the traced lines. This will just be an approximation--you may need to add more craft fur or cut the eyes out a little more later on. Place the cut out fur over the top of the mask to line up to make sure the werewolf mask is covered.

More fur is always better than less--it’s easier to trim away extra than to start over or add more fur to the mask. Be sure the eye holes line up. You may need to trim a little bit more to even them out. Add fabric glue all over the mask and press the fur cut-out onto the mask. Hold for a few seconds then let dry completely. Cut two triangles out of the brown fur for ears. Add glue to just the bottom front of the ears and attach to the top of the mask. Let the werewolf Halloween mask dry overnight.

To complete the werewolf costume, take a few items from your closet such as a flannel shirt & old jeans. Use black face paint to paint a nose.

Peacock Mask

Add fabric glue to the top half of the mask and spread out the turquoise feathers in a fan-like shape. Let dry a few minutes then add a layer of blue feathers--a little shorter than the turquoise feathers. Let dry a few minutes and add a layer of green feathers--shorter than the blue feathers. Fill in any gaps with turquoise feathers. Spread them out so that they are symmetrical.

To make the beak, take about ¼ of the paper clay and roll into a ball. Flatten to about ¼” then cut into a 2.5” triangle shape. Shape the clay over the nose portion of the peacock mask, pinching off any excess clay that overlaps the eye area.

Let the beak dry over the mask to help keep the rounded shape. You may need to prop up the mask to help keep the beak from falling off. Let dry overnight then coat the beak with gesso. Paint the beak orange. When the beak is dry, glue it to the mask with the Fabri-tac glue. Cut some smaller feathers to fill in any gaps. For extra sparkle, add some colorful blue plastic gems just above the beak.

Complete the look with a teal t-shirt, leggings and a skirt! Your DIY peacock Halloween costume is ready to go!

Fox Mask

Trace the mask face down on the back side of the orange craft fur, just like you did with the werewolf mask. Cut out mask shape and glue onto front of mask. To cut the eyes out, you can also use an X-acto knife and cutting mat to get a more precise eye-shape. Cut two triangles for the ears out of the orange craft fur. Cut two smaller triangles for the insides of the ears out of the white craft fur. Cut two tiny black triangles for the tips of the ears out of the black craft fur. Glue the white triangles to the orange triangles and the black triangles to the top tips of the orange triangles. Let the orange fur overlap the black triangles for a more realistic look. When the ears are dry, glue them to the top of the fox mask.

To create the snout, cut a small 2” long x 1” wide rectangle from the orange craft fur. Cut a small 1” square from the black craft fur to create the nose, trimming off the bottom corners a bit. Glue the black nose onto the orange snout and let dry. Apply a bit of craft glue to the inside of the nose portion of the mask and press the snout firmly in place. This will allow the snout to stick out a bit. Hold in place until dry. Allow the fox costume mask to dry overnight before wearing.

To complete the homemade fox costume, add a pair of orange fox pajamas with a fox shirt and fox printed pants. You can also use an orange turtleneck or long sleeve shirt and orange pants.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these DIY Halloween mask tutorials and are inspired to create your own! It is so simple to put this creative and quick DIY Halloween costume together using just a few items from your closet or the thrift store. Add your own creative touch with a homemade Halloween mask!