Halloween Face Painting Ideas

Looking for some quick and easy but unique Halloween Face painting ideas? Today, you’ll learn the basics of how to face paint and what kind of paint to use to create creepy and unique face paint designs!


How to Face Paint: Day of the Dead Skeleton

Start with a clean, dry face and make sure the person is sitting in a comfortable chair (especially if you will be painting a full face paint design). Be sure to follow all directions and safety instructions on the bottle or box.

For the skeleton Day of the Dead face painting, sponge white face paint over the entire face and then paint in the skeleton eyes and nose with black. Paint turquoise petals around the eyes.

Once dry, fill in the details near the eye with an eyeliner pencil and apply a half-circle of yellow face paint above and below the eyelashes (so that when the eyes close, the circle comes together). Paint red petals around the yellow center to form a flower.

With a detail brush, add dots, hearts, vines and flowers. Paint a black line between the lips and extend it to the sides of the cheeks, widening the line and filling it in with black. Paint in the teeth as lines on the top and bottom lip.

Add a flower headband and flower crowns, dangle earrings and a colorful scarf or shawl to complete the look!

Corpse Bride

Apply a base coat of turquoise with a makeup sponge over the entire face. Then, apply a light layer of white to lighten.

Paint white around the eyes. Mix blue and white face paint together to get a light blue color. Outline the white circles with light blue.

Outline the white circle with black face paint and paint eyelashes, eyebrows, eyelids and pupils and nose. Paint the lips with the pink face paint from the Snazaroo kit.

Paint the neck with turquoise and white. Add a blue wig, and blue flower crown to complete the costume!

Voodoo Doll

It doesn’t take much paint (or time!) to create some creepy effects. Using the Snazaroo kit, dab the entire face with watered down white paint. Outline the eyes with black and paint eyelashes above and below the eyes. Apply extra black under the eyes and wet the paintbrush to create drips. Emphasize the drips by painting over them with black paint.

Sponge white paint over the lips and let dry. Paint a red heart in the middle of the lips and outline with black. Paint black stitch marks around the heart.

To create the stitched smile, paint a black line from the middle of the lips through the middle of the cheek. Paint a red line underneath and a thin black line beneath that. Paint a little bit of pink or white over the red to lighten.

Paint white highlights below the red/pink line. Paint black stitches and holes at the ends of the stitches. Add white highlights to the stitches and around the holes. Add red paint between the stitches over the red/pink line and add water to create drips. Paint over the drips with red paint to darken.

Pop Art Inspired Face Paint Idea: Wonder Woman

With a few extra drawn lines on the face in black, and white lines as highlights, you can turn anyone young or old into a comic book or cartoon version of their favorite hero.

Using the Snazaroo kit, paint the outline of the crown in yellow. Paint a red star in the center. Paint the crown in yellow. Outline the crown and star with black. Add a few lines to the face (side of the face, cheeks, chin and bridge of the nose) to give the face a cartoonish look. Darken the eyebrows with black, paint the eyelids blue and the lips red. Outline the lips in black and add white highlights to the bottom and top lips.

Paint the armbands yellow with the yellow Palmer face and body paint and a makeup sponge. Outline the bands in black. Draw a red star on top with the Snazaroo paint. Outline the star with black. When dry, dab glitter gel onto the crown and arm bands with your finger (a brush will remove the yellow paint underneath. It’s best to use your finger and dab gently).

More Face Paint Ideas: Eye Mouth and Creepy Dummy

You can easily create creepy effects with face paint in little time! These are also great ideas for kids who may not be able to sit very long for a full face paint session.

Using the Snazaroo kit, paint the entire lips white to form an eye shape. Paint a green circle in the middle of the eye. With black, outline the eye shape and paint in the pupil. Use the smallest detail brush possible to paint on the eye lashes. When the iris is dry, paint small flecks or lines radiating from the pupil with blue. This will give the eye a little more realistic look. Last, paint a little highlight or reflection in the eye with white.

To paint a creepy dummy, start by painting the eyebrows black with the Snazaroo kit. Paint them thick and a little bit pointed for a more evil look. Paint the top lip red and the bottom lip black. Extend the black below the bottom lip--this will be the open mouth. Paint a bottom lip in red below the black mouth. Paint lines down from the corner of the mouth down past the chin. When the mouth is dry, paint white lines on the bottom lip to form teeth and paint another set of teeth above the fake bottom lip. Add freckles on the cheeks.

To finish the look, paint white rings just below the eyes. Paint a black outline just under the white and add little lashes on each side. Now you have a creepy dummy to haunt your dreams!

Face Painting Tips

When using the Snazaroo paints, remember to dip your brush in water and mix with the paint to get the right consistency. You don’t want it to be too runny--the more water you add, the lighter and more transparent the color. But too little water will give you a clumpy texture. Mix enough water until you get a fluid consistency that resembles paint and looks opaque (not see-through) on skin. Try testing on your hand to see if you got the mix right before applying. Clean up is easy! Just use a baby wipe to take off the paint and soap and water to clean the face. The Palmer Face and Body Paints also come off easily with a baby wipe and soap and water. The Palmer paints are great for covering large areas and the Snazaroo paints are essential for painting on fine details.

I hope you enjoyed these Halloween face painting ideas and that you’re inspired to create your own creepy and colorful face paint designs!