How to Glitter Champagne Bottles

Decorating a champagne bottle with glitter is an easy way to add sparkle to any special occasion or holiday! You can glitter champagne bottles in various colors and textures and easily add decorative touches using glittered leaves, flowers or other holiday or seasonal items.


How to Glitter a Champagne Bottle

Remove any labels, if possible (some will peel easily, others you might have to soak a little to get them loose. Alternately, you could leave the labels on the bottles and glitter around them.

Quickly add a layer of Mod Podge to the bottle, making sure to avoid the foil at the top of the bottle. You want a nice, even layer--thick but not dripping. You will want to have two stations while glittering your bottles: a glue station (preferably with a craft mat to protect your surface) and a glitter station (I use a shoebox lid lined with a sheet of copy paper--use one sheet for each color and texture of glitter to avoid cross-contaminating the colors)

Then, holding the bottle over the glitter station, sprinkle the gold glitter over the entire glued areas, turning the bottle as you go. You will need two of the .625 ounce bottles of glitter per mini bottle. Once the bottle is covered with the first layer of glitter, set it aside to dry. Carefully remove the copy paper and fold it slightly to funnel the glitter back onto the bottle.

To apply the second coat, simply wait for the first coat to dry (wait at least 30 minutes to an hour--check to make sure it is dry to the touch before adding the second layer). Then dip the foam brush into the Mod Podge and gently sponge the glue over the top of the first glitter layer. It’s best to sponge it instead of drag the brush over the glitter so that you don’t brush off the glitter from the first layer and also to keep your brush in working condition a little longer (the glitter can be a little like sandpaper to the foam brush!)

One coat should be fine if you are in a hurry, but for the full-on sparkle effect, it’s best to use two coats. You can see the difference below! The color of the bottle will slightly show through with one coat (bottom left), and with two coats, you get a gorgeous, even layer of glitter (bottom right).

Repeat these steps for each bottle, using a coarser texture of champagne glitter each time. You could also decide to glitter the champagne bottles all the same texture. The mini bottles make great party favors for any special occasion or holiday.

Left to right: Champagne glitter in extra fine, fine, medium hexagon, large hexagon)

To create a cascading effect with different textured glitter, simply start at the top of the bottle with just a little bit of Mod Podge all the way around and sprinkle on the extra fine champagne glitter. Let dry and add a second coat of extra fine glitter. Add another section of glue just below the first section (overlapping just a bit) and sprinkle on the fine glitter. Repeat all the way down in sections with the medium hexagon and large hexagon glitter. This method works well with creating an ombre effect with dark to light colors (see the articles DIY Glitter Phone Case, and How to Make Glitter Wine Glasses for more design ideas!)

Adding Details: How to Glitter Leaves and Acorns

It’s easy to add just a little bit of customization to your event (wedding colors, etc.) or holiday spirit by glittering leaves, flowers or other decorative elements to further embellish your glittered champagne bottles!

For flat items such as fabric leaves or flowers, simply lay them flat onto a non-stick craft mat and brush a semi-thick layer of Mod Podge over the top. Move the item to the glitter station and add a generous amount of glitter to cover the entire surface. Remove and place to dry on a flat surface. One coat should do it, but you may notice some areas might need a little patching up. Wait until the item is dry before adding a second coat or patching an area that needs more glitter. For three dimensional items (berries, acorns, etc.), sponge a semi-thick layer over the surface and drop it into a shallow container of glitter. Swirl the item around in the glitter until it is covered and set aside to dry.

Once the items are dry, hot glue them together into an arrangement of your choice and let dry. Overlap different colored leaves in colors that match your holiday or theme.

To attach them to the bottle, use a strong craft glue or glue dots (don’t use the hot glue gun directly on the bottle!) You can also glue the items to twine or a thick ribbon and then tie them around the bottle as well.

The autumn colors make for a great Thanksgiving table decoration! And the champagne color glitter works well for Christmas and New Year’s Eve as well!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to decorate a champagne bottle with glitter. These DIY glitter bottles are a quick way to add stunning color and texture to any holiday or occasion!