Craft Glitter vs Polyester Glitter

There are some subtle differences between the two types of glitter we offer, some of which you may find surprising.

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Should you get polyester glitter or craft glitter? There are many differences between the two and this may help you make your decision. Below are some of the factors you should consider.

  • Cost
    Limited funds? Craft glitter is much less expensive than polyester glitter. For situations where you want maximum volume, you'll get the most bang for your buck with the craft glitter. Consider the next point about coverage, though. While craft glitter is cheaper by weight, you will be able to effectively cover more surface area with our polyester glitters.
  • Coverage
    One pound of bulk craft glitter covers 14 square feet and one pound of bulk polyester covers 100 square feet. This means that for many projects polyester glitter will end up being the more economical choice even though it is more costly by weight. This is because our polyester glitters have far thinner flakes than the craft ones, giving you about 7 times as many flakes for the same weight. Because the flakes are thinner, they also float better in the air making polyester glitter a good stand-in for fairy dust. Craft glitter is a better choice if you're not going to adhere it and you want it to stay put.
  • Solvents
    Craft glitter is not solvent safe. Polyester glitter is safe in many solvents, but testing is advised. We've seen such widely varying results with combinations of different colors and solvents that we can't specifically recommend solvents. However you will certainly have an easier time with our polyester glitters. Make sure you test a small amount of each color separately as solvent resistancy even varies between colors.
  • Outdoor Applications
    Craft glitter will fade from the sun and rain over time, whereas most of our polyester glitters are UV and water safe. See the detail page of each glitter for more info. If you leave craft glitter exposed to the elements it will fade unless you add an appropriate coating. We recommend Krylon Clear UV-Resistant Spray (Glossy) for all of our glitters (also available in Matte). Adding a coating to polyester glitter is also a good idea for extra fade protection!
  • Temperature
    Generally speaking, polyester glitter holds up better in high temperatures than craft glitter. Most of our polyester glitters are rated up to 350F, while the craft glitters are good up to 280F. Our resident glitter scientist warns that you may experience color shifting with any glitter at temperatures above 230F. As always, our recommendation is to test your specific application if you can.
  • Cosmetics
    We strongly recommend our Cosmetic Grade Glitters for use in makeup and other cosmetics. They feature ultrafine flake sizes and food grade colorants that conform to safety standards for use on skin. Our customers use them for nail polish, pressed eyeshadows, lipsticks and more. Note that while these glitters are designed for such uses, we always recommend that you test a small amount of each color in your solvent before finishing your project.

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Our customers use our glitters for a huge range of different projects.

Craft Polyester
DIY ornaments
School projects
Photo shoots
Parade floats
Floors, walls and ceilings
Crafts with kids
Indoor decorations for holidays and parties
Silk flowers
Paper art
Temporary tattoos
Rubber stamping
Scrapbooking and card making
Fishing lures
Nail polish (test your solvents)
Fabric painting and printing
Making crayons and candles
Hair and body products (use cosmetic grade items)
Home decorations (pinecones, flowers and branches)
Heels and pumps

Of course, it doesn't end there. Discover uses for our glitters on canvas shoes, ceramics and poster. Glitterize your coffee cup, clothespins, pumpkins, wine glass, play-doh, sneakers, ribbon, votives, mason jar, concrete, magnets, coaster, iphone case, glasses or sunglasses, keys, thumbtacks, wooden utensils, tights, earrings, bobby pins and hair clips, frames, champagne bottles and headbands. All of our Safari animals love to be covered completely in glitter! Also good for a friends night out. Make a snowglobe, cover a paper mache skull (or anything paper mache), seashells, confetti eggs or throw pillows. Use it with stencils. Make a fairy wand or princess scepter and crown. It’s always good to leave a little sparkle wherever you go!

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