Glitterized Rolled Paper Roses

Is it recycled, upcycled, downcycled, hipcycled, repurposed? Whatever you want to call it – reuse what you were going to get rid of! Pictured is the shadowbox next to my front door.

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This is such an easy and inexpensive way to decorate your home or a gift! Mine are made from old magazines, scrapbook paper and books. But you can use fabric, felt, maps, gift wrap or just a brown paper bag as well.

You want to start with a square shape. The size of the square will determine the size of the flower you want. If you want more volume, use more than one sheet at a time.

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Using a pencil or a light colored pen or crayon, you want to draw a spiral circle onto the square. When I do this, I just start cutting with no lines. This certainly does not have to be perfect. They have more character and charm when you just eyeball it!

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Next you want to cut out all the lines that you have drawn continuing until you come to the center of the spiral leaving a small circle at the end.

Starting with the outside of the spiral, roll the paper inward in somewhat of a cone shape. You want to start off rolling tightly (which will become the center of your flower) then loosely once you get to the edges.

Paper roses 052 f95f36425e4a8b13a54781337483f782b5236d056c75a65aabce9b8c870436bd

Keep rolling until you get to the end. You will want to put a dab of hot glue or white glue on the back to hold the shape. The circle that you left when cutting the spiral will finish the back. I like to make these outdoors so I use Aleene’s Quick Dry Tacky Glue. Amazing stuff. Just lightly dab on the bottom and stick it down to the end circle. I do use my reusable silicone craft mat under my work. It is heat resistant and nothing sticks to it. Also great for getting all that glitter you shake off back into your jar.

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Paper roses 055 58ddcf9fbf85ada323e97ed96791b4c275fef84696e9b6e65102f1750e93c80c
Paper roses 057 4ff35a2542820e0a21184611744b60cfb37eeaec58b4d7397ea689d57185d12c

Next, use a paintbrush to paint the edges with white glue. Sprinkle on any kind of glitter. Shake off excess and return to container. I am not super neat with this because I like it to look like dripping paint. After drying, glue to a canvas. They make great gift package toppers also.

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Paper roses 045 ef1af2b935a61f396cbc30ea398b53fb8e7178a98cd6de542d7e0f34681f737f
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