Gold Glitter New Year’s Eve Decorations

Looking for some simple New Year’s Eve decoration ideas? Here are a few quick DIY party decorations. Learn how to add a touch of gold glitter and sparkle to your New Year’s Eve party or any special celebration!


DIY Gold Glitter Star Garland

Working on a craft mat, apply a coat of Mod Podge to the surface of a 2” wooden star. Transfer the star to a glitter station (this can be a shoebox with a lid or other shallow box lined with copy paper).

Sprinkle a generous amount of fine gold glitter and shake off excess. Repeat with each star (keeping the glue station separate from the glitter station) until the jar of gold glitter is empty. Use the sheet of copy paper to funnel the glitter back into the jar. Tip: use a different sheet for each color/type of glitter to avoid cross-contaminating each jar of glitter.

Repeat with each of the 15 wooden stars. Set aside to dry, then measure out about 4 yards of the metallic gold vintage twine. Find the mid-way point and hot glue a star to the string in that spot. From there, space your stars about 5 inches apart on either side, and glue. When dry, hang on the wall or string across a doorway.

DIY Gold Glitter Paper Banner

All you need for this project is extra fine gold glitter, double sided peel & stick adhesive sheet, a store-bought or homemade black paper banner and 1mm hemp cord (gold from the metallic vintage color pack). Simply draw your letters on the peel & stick adhesive sheet, cut them out and stick each letter on a paper banner. Be sure to peel the back of the letter, or your words will come out backwards!

Burnish the sticker letter with a bone folder or your fingernail to ensure that the sticky back adheres completely. Peel up the paper to reveal the sticky surface and pour a generous amount of extra fine gold glitter over each letter. Lift the paper banners and tap to remove excess glitter. String the banner with the gold metallic hemp cord, spacing the letters about 1-2” apart and hang on the wall! Pair it with the gold glitter star banner for a classic NYE look!

DIY Gold Glitter Photo Booth Props

Dab a generous amount of Mod Podge onto the surface of the mask. The mask will soak up the glue quite a bit, so be sure to add enough so that the glitter has something to stick to (surface should look a bit shiny, not matte).

Pour the medium hexagon gold glitter onto the surface, covering all the glued area. When dry, add a second coat of Mod Podge and glitter.

While the mask is drying, create the wired gold star crown. Cut about a 12” length of the 24 gauge brass beading wire and set aside. Punch four stars from the peel & stick adhesive sheet and four stars from black cardstock. Remove the backing from one of the peel & stick stars and sandwich the wire between that and the black cardstock, sticky side down. Burnish to create a secure bond.

Remove the paper backing from the top of the star and repeat three more times, spacing the stars about 1” apart. Pour a generous amount of extra-fine gold glitter over the sticky sides of the stars and tap off excess.

Use a glue gun to glue the wire ends to the back of the mask and trim any extra wire. Be sure that the glue covers any sharp edges. You may need to hold it in place until the glue dries, which should take about 30-60 seconds. Now you have a beautiful, sparkly star mask for your New Year’s photos!

For the black stick mask, repeat the same glue and glitter process, except use the extra-fine gold glitter.

For the noisemakers, just glue around the edge, about 1.5” - 2” and sprinkle the large gold square glitter to cover. When dry, repeat with a second coat of glue and glitter for the sparkliest results!

Don’t stop there! You can glitter champagne bottles, champagne glasses, or even fill clear balloons with extra large square gold glitter and pop at midnight for a confetti effect!

Set up all of your gold glittered New Year’s Eve decorations together to create a lovely centerpiece or photo backdrop. Be sure to sprinkle the extra large square gold glitter on table tops for an extra sparkly look.

I hope you are inspired to create your own gold glitter themed New Year’s Eve party decorations!