Halloween Craft Ideas: Skull Cabochon Jewelry

Stand out this Halloween with these magnificent, morbid skull jewelry ideas! Skull cabochon jewelry is creepy, elegant and simple to make. Just a few supplies and you can create your own skull jewelry and channel your inner Wednesday Addams!


Skull Cabochon Choker

Place the skull (in this case, the dolphin) onto the large ornate filigree and secure with E-6000 glue. Note that you do not need a lot of glue, just place glue onto the skull where it will make contact with the filigree. Cover the back of the filigree with a scrap of fabric or felt to catch the glue that is oozing out the back. This will also allow you to lay it flat to dry.

Cut about 12” of the lace and lay flat. Begin designing your choker by cutting the pearl bead chain and curb chain to lengths that you desire. It may help to sketch your idea out ahead of time to get an idea of how to balance everything to your liking. For the pearl bead chain, I used about 8 ¾” (or just count out 20 pearls). The longest length of curb chain is 12” and the two shorter lengths are about 5 ¾”.

When the skull filigree is dry enough to handle, glue it to the midpoint of the lace. While that dries, you can work on making the bi-cone crystal beads into dangles by threading them onto a head pin, twisting the head pin at a 90-degree angle to the bead, trimming it with the nipper pliers so that there is about ½” of wire, then creating the loop by curling it with the round nose pliers.

Attach the crystals to about 2” of curb chain for a dramatic look (the more the better!) Play with the placement, add more drops and dangles and chains as you please. Secure all elements with jump rings and attach the jump rings right onto the lace. Be sure to attach items through the lace itself (look for holes in the sewn design) rather than just the mesh backing, as it may rip or not be able to hold heavier items.

To wear, simply attach a lobster clasp to one end of the lace and a long chain (about 4”) to the other end and clasp together. Varying the length of chain will allow you to adjust how low or high you can wear your choker.

Skull Cabochon Brooch

First, make the clay cabochon: Take about half of the Sculpey black clay and roll and knead it in your hands to soften. Roll the clay out flat, about ⅛” thick and place a 2” oval template over the clay. Cut around the template with the x-acto knife (be sure you are cutting on a self-healing mat or very thick cardboard to protect your surface). Place the skull of your choice on the oval to check to see if it will be large enough (some skulls may require a larger clay cabochon). Bake the clay cabochon according to instructions (in this case, it is about 15 minutes for every ¼” thickness at 275 degrees.

When the cabochon is baked and cooled, glue the skull of your choice to the center of the cabochon with a small amount of E-6000 glue. Just place enough on the bottom of the skull that will be touching the cabochon. Press and hold until somewhat secure and set aside to dry.

Cut two pieces from the length of lace and place them together at angles to represent butterfly wings or a bow shape. Glue the “wings” to the back of the filigree. Attach the pin backing to the center. When dry enough to handle, glue the skull cabochon to the center of the filigree. Be sure to leave just enough space at the bottom of the filigree so that you have a place to attach dangles, chains and beads.

Play with the placement of chains, dangles and beads until you are pleased with your design. In this case, I used about 5” of the pearl bead chain, and about 2 ½” of the curb chain for the two smaller lengths of chain. Attach everything with jump rings and you’re done!

You can also wear your skull cabochon brooch as a choker by simply threading a small length of lace or ribbon through the pin backing. Tie a bow in the back to secure.

Other Skull Jewelry: Ring and Pendant

Making a ring is quick and easy! Just glue the cabochon to the top of the ring (it’s best to place just enough glue around the ring where it will touch the clay). When dry enough to handle, glue the skull of your choice onto the middle of the clay cabochon.

Press the pieces together to ensure a secure bond. Set aside to dry by propping the ring up so that the skull doesn’t move during the drying process.

Do the same for the pendant, except, place just enough glue onto the portion of the silver bail that will be touching the back of the clay cabochon.

Glue the skull onto the middle of the cabochon and let dry. Thread the ball chain through the pendant and you’re ready to go!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial on how to make your own skull cabochon jewelry! It takes only a few supplies and jewelry findings to make dramatic statement Halloween jewelry.