DIY Metal Wall Hangings

Even if you aren’t familiar with metal crafts, this tutorial will show you how easy it is to create your own DIY metal wall hangings with just a few materials. You can create these simple works of art in about a day!


How to Make a Metal Mobile

This DIY metal craft is great for beginners who like the look of metal, but aren’t sure if they want to invest in all of the tools. The pre-cut copper shapes make it easy to get the look you want without having to know how to cut the metal into the right shape. The first step is pretty simple. Just gather the shapes you’d like to use and something to hang them from (such as a piece of driftwood, wooden dowel, etc.) I’d like to hang this in my art studio, so I’ve chosen an old, wooden paintbrush. The aqua paint on the handle reminds me of copper patina, and I think it contrasts nicely with the copper color. Alternately, you could use a plain wooden dowel or driftwood and paint it aqua.

Lay everything flat to see how it will look. It’s a good idea to lay it all on the floor and stand back so you can see your composition better. Arrange the metal shapes in a way that looks balanced and interesting to you. Use wire cutters to cut the copper tubes into 3.25” lengths and bend them slightly at an angle to form a wide “V” shape. Add them to the arrangement to balance the composition.

Once you have the look you’d like, take a photo or draw a quick sketch to remember the layout. Then use E-6000 to glue the copper bails to the large moon shapes and the jump rings to the triangle and rainbow shapes. Attach the copper jump rings to the pendants.

Allow a few hours to dry, then cut the copper chains to the length that you’ll need for each strand of your mobile. Lay a chain strand next to each column of shapes and then turn the shapes over so that you’re looking at the backs of the shapes. Add a dab of glue to each shape, then place the chain as straight as you can over the center of the column. Do this for each column and allow to dry. Glue the strands of shapes to the wooden paintbrush (or whatever you’ve chosen to hang your mobile from). Allow to dry flat. Use a non-stick craft mat to protect your surface and so the mobile or metal pieces don’t stick to the surface. You can hang it on the wall with nails or you can attach wire to the paintbrush and hang.

How to Make a Geometric Metal Animal Mask

Search for images of your favorite animal and sketch out the basic shape of the head on paper. Simplify the sketch by using only straight lines. Once you have the sketch you’d like, measure each of the lines of the head and mark it on the paper. This will be your guide to how long each metal tube will need to be cut. Remember that the part of the face that will stick out will have to be cut a little longer than when they are just measured on a flat surface. Practice with drinking straws to get the measurements right. It’s also a good idea to get a few more metal tubes than you think you’ll need in case you make an error in cutting or need to improve your design as you go. The sketch below has been labeled with the correct lengths for the final 3D version of the mask.

To make a fox mask, you’ll need to cut each of the following lengths:

Number of pieces Length of piece
Two (2) 4 ¼”
Five (5) 3 ½”
Two (2) 2 ¾”
Two (2) 2 ½”
Four (4) 1 ½”
One (1) 1"

To cut the tubes, use a ruler to measure out the lengths and mark with the white china marker (this will rub off easily). Place the tube inside the tube cutter and twist the knob to tighten. Don’t twist it too tight--just make it so that you can still easily twist the tube cutter around the tube. Tighten gradually as you cut further into the tube and continue to twist the tube cutter around the tube until it snaps. Continue until you have all pieces cut.

You should have 16 total pieces. Line up each piece onto your sketch or blank piece of paper and tape it down so you don’t lose track of the shapes. This also helps you see how your mask is coming together and if you need to adjust any of the lengths.

Once you have the outline of the head taped down, cut a length of brass wire (about 18” long) and straighten it out. Then thread it through the top of one of the brass tubes that creates the ear. Make sure to leave a little bit of wire sticking out of the top, as you will need to use that to secure it to another end of wire later. Continue to thread the wire through each tube, connecting the tubes together. If you run out of wire, just attach another piece of wire by twisting the two ends together and then continue to run the wire through the tubes.

Once you have connected all of the tubes that outline the head, you can begin to attach the six tubes that will form the face and stick out. You may have to thread back through some of the tubes on the outline of the face. Just make sure that all of the tubes are connected and that the final six tubes are sticking up to form a point (the snout).

It’s ok if these don’t form a perfect point--just as long as they are even on both sides. Use the E-6000 glue to add a rhinestone. This will be the nose.

Once dry, hang your metal art up on the wall to display! Make several different animals and form a cluster or a row--this would look so cute in a kids’ room.

I hope you enjoyed this metal craft! With just a few metal tubes and cut shapes, you can make amazing, artful DIY metal wall hangings!