DIY Painted Wooden Box

Looking for a simple yet stunning idea for a DIY painted wooden box? This project can be completed with just a few materials and you don’t need to have any painting skills! You’ll just need a small wooden box, various acrylic paint colors and a few brushes and supplies from home. This project is great for all ages.



Begin by applying a light coat or two of gesso with a foam brush to your wooden box with lid. Be sure to let the layers of gesso dry in between coats. The gesso helps create a nonporous surface for you to apply the acrylic paint.

Once the gesso layer is dry, apply a coat of acrylic paint in Ultramarine Blue to the surface of the rectangular wooden box. Let dry and apply another coat. Depending on the color of paint, you may need a third coat. Be sure to let the layers of paint dry between coats.

Once the acrylic paint layer is dry, apply white paint (or gesso) with the various sized foam stencil brushes. Again, you may need two layers. This will enable your colors to appear brighter than if they were just painted onto the colored surface.

Once those circles are dry, apply various colors on top of the white circles. Some colors may need two coats. To get an even circle, try twisting the sponge brush to cover the entire white circle. It’s ok if the color goes a little over the edge of the white circle.

Continue by applying smaller circles within each circle using the foam stencil brushes and other items you may have at home (such as new pencils, stylus, etc.). The flat, round end of the sponge brushes work really well, too! You can also use small, detail brushes to paint in the smallest dots. Try alternating colors for an interesting look. Opposites will give you the most contrast (warm and cool, light and dark, bright and dull, etc.)

Fill in the area around the larger circles with smaller circles using the paint pens and repeat the same steps as before, continuing to add smaller and smaller concentric circles.

Once you are satisfied with your design, let dry and apply a coat of varnish to seal it all in.

Now you are ready to use and display your painted wood box! They are great wooden jewelry boxes, storage for your craft supplies, gifts or keepsake boxes. I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial and are inspired to create painted wooden boxes in designs of your own.