Red and Green Glitter Dinosaur Ornaments

Nothing says Christmas quite like red and green glitter ornaments! This is a classic DIY ornament craft but with a little unique twist. It is so easy to create your own homemade Christmas ornaments--all you need is a few plastic toys (in this case, I’ve used dinosaurs, but you could use anything!), red glitter, green glitter, and a few other supplies.


First, determine if your dinosaur (or other animal/creature) is going to be a hanging ornament or something to use as Christmas decor on a table or shelf). Then, find the best spot to drill a small, 1/16” hole (about 1/16” - ⅛” deep) on the dinosaur. Usually, it will be somewhere on the back. Just use your best guess for where the middle is so that the weight of the head and tail are evenly distributed (go too far toward the tail, for example, and your ornament will be tilted too much toward the head when it hangs).

Then, place the screw eye into the hole and twist and push it at the same time with your fingers. Screw it in until it is too difficult to continue with just your fingers and then use the chain nose pliers to tighten. You can also add a dab of hot glue to secure.

Measure out the cord, ribbon or string that you’ll use to hang the ornament--about 10”. Thread the cord through the screw eye and pick up to see if you like the way it hangs (if it’s way off, you can adjust it toward the side that hangs the lowest). Set aside the cord for later.

Use a craft mat to protect your work surface. Then, apply a generous amount of Mod Podge with a foam brush (a nice coat, but not too drippy). Work in sections, and work quickly to avoid the glue from drying too fast. Start with the body and tail, making sure to get all sides, top and bottom.

Then, place inside a shoebox or lid lined with paper and apply a generous amount of red glitter to all the glued areas. Pick up by the head and turn over to get the bottom side as well. I like having at least two jars to work with, so that I can quickly add as much glitter the first time. The paper underneath will catch unused glitter and also act as a funnel so you can easily return the glitter to the jar. Always change paper between glitter colors to avoid cross-contaminating the colors.

Repeat the glue and glitter process with each dinosaur, but in different colors. Remember to return the red glitter to the jar and change the paper underneath before using the green glitter. If you have more than one dinosaur or item per color, then glitter all of those items of the same color in one batch.

Don’t worry if you miss any spots the first time around. Let it dry and add the second coat, repeating the glue and glitter process. After the first coat dries, add the second coat. Then when that dries, you can glitter the other half of the body, making sure to get two coats. You can also touch up any areas that didn’t get enough glitter the first time around.

When all of your dinosaur ornaments have been given two coats of polyester glitter and have dried thoroughly, apply a coat of just the Mod Podge to seal in the glitter. Allow to dry 15-20 minutes. When that is dry, add the cord and tie a knot at the top to form a loop. You can also add bells, ribbons, miniature wrapped presents, hats, scarves, or anything to give your glitter ornaments a little more personality!

Hang on your tree or display on your mantle or table and enjoy your amazing handmade Christmas ornaments!