Valentine’s Day Craft: Sacred Heart Sculpture

Searching for creative Valentine’s Day crafts? You can easily create these beautiful, functional, heart sculptures inspired by Mexican folk art. These make great DIY Valentine’s Day gifts or can be used to decorate your home or studio. You just need a few simple supplies--let’s get started!


To start, trace a heart-shaped template with permanent marker onto the aluminum tooling foil. You can create a simple template out of paper just by sketching a heart shape or find one online. Cut out your heart shape from the aluminum with serrated scissors or tin snips. Be careful with any sharp edges. I recommend rounding any corners or points so they aren’t so sharp. Use a blunt instrument (the end of the Sharpie marker will do!) to “draw” lines into the foil heart shape. Trace around the heart, emphasize the lines in the flame at the top, or add any other markings to enhance your design.

Next, paint the wood heart with metallic red acrylic paint (I used DecoArt Metallic Paint in Festive Red). Set aside to dry. Glue the frame with E6000 on the center of the aluminum heart. Glue the heart in the center of the frame and glue any of the metal findings and heart-shaped jewels at this time.

Continue coloring with the Sharpie markers around the edges or on any part of the metal that is showing. Outline some areas with dark blue to emphasize. Color in the flames at the top. Color directly onto the frame as well.

Get creative and make variations! To add a mirror, simply trace and cut an aluminum shape that is larger than the 3” mirror. Create a heart shape template from paper that is smaller than the mirror (about 2.5” tall, 2.25” wide) and trace it into the middle of the aluminum shape. Carefully poke the scissors into the center of the heart and cut out. Glue the mirror to the back of the aluminum shape with E6000.

After the glue has thoroughly dried, decorate the front with metal findings, jewels and sharpie markers.

To create a nicho, trace a Loteria card (or other image of your choice) onto the aluminum, leaving about a ¼” border. Holding the image in the center of the cut-out aluminum rectangle, trim the edges off (this will be the frame for the image).

Color the inside of the frame with the Sharpie. Glue the image into the center with white glue. Create another aluminum heart shape and decorate with Sharpies. Glue the tin framed image to the center with E6000.

I hope you enjoyed these Mexican folk art inspired craft ideas for Valentine’s Day! You can also watch a video tutorial of this Sacred Heart Sculpture craft project here.