1/32" x 1/32" Basswood Stick

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Verified customer on September 15, 2020

Excellent service! I was very happy with the many choices of basswood sizes;especially this size, now I am able to complete the building of windows for my dollhouse. Thank you.

Verified customer on July 28, 2020

I'm using these for stair railings, railings around the platforms on my fire escape, and, I have a project. These tiny little microscopic toothpicks are perfect for manufacturing your own version of metal roofing and siding. Cut a 3/4 inch wide piece of flexible but sturdy cardboard about 4 inches long and you have a 16 foot by 36 inch wide piece. Glue one of these sticks to each side and the middle of the piece, then cover it with something metallic but not too thick and not too shiny, like maybe paper wrapping paper, something with flat color that can emulate a painted surface. Trying to eliminate the painting. Emulate to eliminate. Thicker stuff is hard to mold around the sticks. Reynolds wrap is perfect, but who buys mirror image metal roof. Again, eliminate the painting. More steps, more mess, more chance of screwing it up. Spray on adhesive is bad enough.

Verified customer on May 07, 2020

Standard basswood for my wooden model ship building by scratch. However, the price is half of that of any other I have ever seen.

Verified customer on February 01, 2020

Shipped quickly and sticks were in perfect condition when they arrived.

Verified customer on October 20, 2019

I recently ordered a bulk supply of stripwood and it was, without question, the best packing job I've ever seen! The "big guys" don't even come close to protecting the wood as well as Kit Kraft.

Well done, Kit Kraft! I'll definitely be ordering from you again.

Verified customer on August 11, 2019

I'm a Z scale 1:220 train modeler and been looking for these for some time. Wood for small models like 1:220 scale are hard to find. I have been wanting to build an old wood trestle bridge. the 1/16' strips are easy to find but these 1/32' seem to be harder to find as time goes by I have built the bridge but still a work in progress now to construct the layout in which to place this bridge. The run and old logging train from the mountains sides. this bridge is different because of the design of two levels one at 4" and the top at 6" Also a Barn constructed of the same.

Reply from Kit Kraft:

Hi Walter, Sounds like a great project. Keep up the good work! The Kit Kraft Staff

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