1/8" Wide Continuous Line Glue Dots

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Verified customer on August 15, 2017

You sent the wrong gluelines. you sent the one inch and I ordered the Continuous. This is a probelem as I have just paid the equivalent of about $25 in customs charges over the cost of the glue lines. I am not happy!
I can easily get the inch glue lines in England for cheaper.

Reply from Kit Kraft:

You are absolutely correct! We have since done research on this issue and have come to find out the continuous line glue has been discontinued by the manufacturer. We did ship you the 1" lines in error, and have issued a full refund for your purchase. We are hoping you can donate them to a charity/local outreach group that may be able to use them in an art therapy environment. Hopefully some good will come of our mistake. We are very sorry for this error. We have also removed them from our website.

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