3/16" (4.8mm) Clear Acrylic Square Rod

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Verified customer on June 02, 2021

I was able to find the acrylic I needed for the project and the delivery was quick and easy. I have bookmarked the site for future reference! This material is for a "base" to display a 1/48 scale Japanese Electric locomotive. The base for the kit "disappeared" and I decided to mount the locomotive in such a way as to show off the detailed undercarriage. This meant finding rails and something to support them on so the model could rest over a mirror. The acrylic shape is just wide enough for the rails to rest on and just tall enough to match the height of the ties that are on the "ends" of the track. The shape is 100% clear so it doesn't interfere with viewing. It basically "disappears".

Verified customer on March 26, 2017

Better than expected. Great price Shipping was fast too!

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