3/32" Armature Wire

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Verified customer on May 07, 2020

Hi there! My good friend Frank have been placing the orders and making the purchases for me online because I don't have a credit card. My name is John C. and I've been a customer of Kit Kraft for thirty years! I love Kit Kraft! My art runs the gambit from character designing and storyboarding to creating stop-motion puppets. I miss being able to browse in the store because my eye is always caught by something or other that I can use for my many art projects. As Covid 19 has disrupted the lives of many, I'm glad that I still have my art projects. I had planned on returning to school to study digital animation and illustration, but sadly, that's been put on hold due to the coronavirus. But I still have every intention of doing this as there is no other career I want to do. At 55 years old, I may be a little on the old side, but my dreams of animation help to keep me alive. I'll be showing you guys a few pieces of my artwork, courtesy of Kit Kraft's products. thanks guys and may God bless you and keep you all safe during these uncertain times.

Verified customer on November 04, 2019

the wire was a bit warped, not coiled in a more smooth, rounded manner making for additional work to be done before usage; not sure if it was due to the thinness of the actual wire. It was, however, ready for pick-up as promised.

Verified customer on March 30, 2017

Great wire for building my stop motion figures.

Verified customer on September 28, 2015

Just what I needed and shipped same day.. What's to hate..:)

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