3.5" Black Cat Whiskers

$2.49 per pair
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Customer Reviews

Verified customer on October 08, 2018

Love them, just what I wanted!

Verified customer on November 23, 2017

I like to make seashell 'critters', and these make great eyebrows, and/or antennas behind googly eyes. I use chenille stems for legs and feet, and they can be quite comical looking. Sorry that I have no way to provide pictures.

Verified customer on July 03, 2017

Not much to write..I paint concrete animal statues and to make them look more realistic, I wanted whiskers...I bought these and cut them to size and curled a couple for realism...when I run out, I'll be buying more.. bought the white/clear ones, too... Thank you.

Verified customer on December 21, 2015

Easy to use and I got it in time and we'll packaged. We look forward to using your store next yeat.

Verified customer on October 07, 2015

Just as what I expected. I bought one many years ago and wondering if I will ever find it again. I'm glad it did, grateful that you have them. THANK YOU!

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