Magic Sculpt 5 lb. - Gray

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Verified customer on March 19, 2019

unbelievably fast shipping! Also i called with a question about this product usage after three years and the advice was spot on!! the only thing was if its a couple years old, the microwave works great BUT it doesnt stay workable for more than twenty my fault for leaving it sitting that long. Thanks a bunch guys!!

Verified customer on July 30, 2018

Good stuff!

Verified customer on March 02, 2016

Great Stuff. They were soft and easily mixable. Will order again!

Kit Kraft employee on July 31, 2015

I always keep a kit on hand in the garage. Seems this stuff is not only good for sculpting, and making armatures, but it's good for fixing just about anything around the house! I use it in place of spackle because it won't shrink or crack, so only one coat is needed. Also filling cracks in concrete. Really just about anything can be fixed with this stuff! If you have a lot of repairs, this is a great size.

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