Monoject 412 Syringe

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Customer Reviews

Verified customer on August 22, 2019

Very satisfied, just what I wanted and needd.

Verified customer on March 29, 2018

Good product, it is worth the price.

Verified customer on December 22, 2016

These are amazing for high precision application of crystals; no excess on the garment!! Fabulous

Verified customer on August 30, 2016

Exactly as pictured. Very shiny which is what I wanted.

Verified customer on June 03, 2016

I use the Monoject Syringes to irrigate between my teeth with Listerine. Very good to combat plaque build-up.

Verified customer on May 03, 2016

Tol 03

I use these syringes for glue, because one of my several hobbies is making pop-up greeting cards. The fine tip allows me to precisely control where, and how much glue I use. The down side is that the glue eventually hardens, (what else would one expect), and I need to use a new syringe Bummer. But I get these from Kit Kraft, they are sent quickly, reasonably priced, and work wonderfully well. Attached is one of the many, many cards I have made. It is titled Bluebirds of Happiness in the Tree of Life.

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