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Verified customer on June 05, 2017

First, I want to thank Kit Kraft for a speedy shipment upon placing the order! Second, the Hobbico pin vise worked as well as expected, and I appreciate that it comes with an assortment of bits. I like design of the Hobbico pin vise in that if I need to chuck this into a larger power drill for certain tasks, it is possible to do so.
I give this 4 stars, only because, the only negative aspect of this product was finding aluminum metal shavings still inside the product from the manufacturing process. I also found the same issue in my first Hobbico pin vise (for the larger range of bits). Not a major issue...just clean the item up thoroughly and your good to go. But these metal shavings can impede the ability of the pin vise for the smaller range of bits, #80 to 50, to grip the bits.

Verified customer on December 16, 2015

Apply to all items listed here. My last order.

As usual, my orders to Kit Kraft are filled promptly and without back orders. Excellent company for us modelers and craft folk.
Happy holidays to you!

Uintah, UT!

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