Testors Contour Putty 5/8 oz. Tube

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Verified customer on January 05, 2016

You can see my models on Instagram at Getfit_50 or on Facebook "Tom Miedema" or on Youtube at "Tommy Sargeant' ...all of the custom work was finessed with Testors contour putty. It is invisible, as it should be. If your mind can concieve, you hands will achieve. The best way to show you what kind of a product Testors makes is to see the actual product in place. It is fantastic, as are their other products. If you are a "Modeler" whether it be BigRigs like myself, or vehicles, planes, whatever, this product is for you! Dont try to make it yourself. Trust me, it is NOT the same. Let them do it. It's not over-priced and worth every penny!

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