Triple Thick Gloss Glaze (2 oz)

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Verified customer on May 16, 2016

I bought this item to use with my crafting adventures and I was not let down, any mistake I have made with it has been my own doing and I am learning so much. It dries fast and leaves everything with an amazing shine! I am so glad I found this site, I got it in such a short time and the order was smooth and painless, and the prices good too! I will keep coming back for more!

Verified customer on October 03, 2015

I recently purchased a beautiful vintage black Stubben brand English Dressage Saddle on eBay at a great price! But, it was missing the signature Blue Stones out of it's 'pommel buttons'. As an Artist, this was an easy dilemma to fix; two blue enamel dots and 3 drops of Triple Thick glaze on each side, and problem solved!!! The trouble was, I only needed about 6 drops of glaze, and most places wanted to sell me 8 oz. of the stuff, (way more than I would ever need!?!)... Thank you, Kit Kraft for still selling the 2 oz. size of "Americana's Triple Thick" for those special small projects that are just as important to us Artists as the big projects! The Saddle looks as beautiful as when it was new! Much appreciatedâ˜ș!!! - C. Lease

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