Easter Eggs

Creative new ways to dye and decorate!

Tissue Paper Egg Dyeing Kit

Tissue Paper Egg Dyeing Kit

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Dyeing eggs with tissue paper is simple!

  1. Cut the tissue paper into shapes, or use a piece large enough to wrap your egg.

  2. Use a brush to apply a little bit of water on the egg and place the tissue paper; the water will make the tissue paper stick.

  3. Brush down the tissue paper with a wet paint brush. If you use too much water it may run! The colors bleed quickly so you can remove the tissue paper in 10 minutes.

  4. Let the eggs completely dry before adding details. You can glue google eyes (included), felt shapes, rhinestones or more. Draw details with paint pens (Gold and Black included) or Sharpie markers.

We made movie monsters, but your imagination is the limit! Try adding giraffe spots, zebra stripes and a lion's mane for a menagerie of wild animals!

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