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Silver Round Dome Studs - 3/16"
$3.50 / 100 pack
Silver Round Flat Studs - 3/16"
$3.50 / 100 pack
Gold Round Dome Studs - 3/16"
$3.50 / 100 pack
Gold Star Studs - 3/8"
$8.99 / 100 pack

Verified customer reviewed Silver Star Studs - 1/2" on August 20, 2016

I stumbled on to Kit Kraft in the Spring while looking for star studs for my little league baseball team. We pin these to the players hats for individual and team accomplishments. Just ordered another batch for the Fall season. Prices are phenomenal and it was literally less than an hour after I placed my order that it had been packed up and I had a tracking number. I have shared this site with many other coaches and will be back for more next season.

Verified customer reviewed Gold Flat Bar Studs - 1/2" on July 27, 2016

love these bars. They were used on a lot of my projects.

Verified customer reviewed Copper Round Flat Studs - 1/4" on June 01, 2016


These were perfect! This was the only place I could find anything like these in this particular size. They were exactly what I was looking for and worked very well for my project (a fake button for a pair of doll jeans). I attached them with a bedazzler tool and it went very well. Thank you so much!

Verified customer reviewed Bedazzler on May 23, 2016

Machine works fine and delivery was very fast from USA.

Verified customer reviewed Gold Round Flat Studs - 1/4" on November 29, 2015

I'm always so pleased with the customer service and professionalism.
Lyn Eden
AZ Totes (aztotes.com)

Verified customer reviewed Bedazzler on November 02, 2015

Works as advertised. Great for the price. Staff was nice enough to add a few handwritten pointers on the receipt to help with the type of studs I ordered. Great customer service!!