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Public Lists

Customer #50925's Wish List from Cart

4" x 1/16" x 36" Balsa Sheet1/8" x 1/8"  x 36"  Balsa Sticks1/16" x 1/16" x 36"  Balsa Sticks


Wire Stylus - WS5" Modeling Tool W255" Modeling Tool W26+ 1 more

Customer #49879's Wish List from Cart

3" x 8" x 6"  Basswood Block3" x 1" x 12" Balsawood  Block

Customer #49736's Wish List from Cart

Smoke MicroFlex Tile Roll 2" x 19" Mirror Tile Sample Size 1"

Customer #49505's Wish List from Cart

3/4" Clear Ellipse1" Clear EllipsePlastruct Plastic Weld 2 oz.+ 8 more

Customer #49476's Wish List from Cart

1/8" x 1/8" Basswood Stick

Customer #49434's Wish List from Cart

White Polyester Thread

Customer #48538's Wish List from Cart

Rod & Tube Assortment

Customer #48538's Wish List from Cart

White Polyester ThreadSuper Easy Cutter - Small JobsNibbling Tool+ 31 more

Freeburn #47453's Wish List from Cart

Fine Fuchsia GlitterFine Champagne Gold GlitterFine Light Pink Glitter+ 3 more

soarindash123's Wish List from Cart

Ultra-Fine Light Blue Crystalina GlitterUltra-Fine Iceberg Cosmetic GlitterExtra-Fine Crystal Polyester Glitter+ 25 more

Armature Building Supplies

16" x 20" Sheet Aluminum Diamond Mesh1/4" (6.4mm) Square Brass Tube7/32" (5.6mm) Square Brass Tube+ 7 more

How to Screen Print T-shirts--Nicole Austin

SqueegeeFrame & Fabric 8" x 10"Permanent Acrylic Screen Printing Starter Set

Terrarium--Nicole Austin

Extra Coarse Talus - NaturalAutumn Mix LichenFluorescent Magenta Sand - 1lb (1.25 cups)+ 5 more

Garden/Outdoor Craft Ideas--Nicole Austin

Festive GreenYellow GreenDuraClear Matte Varnish+ 8 more

How to Paint Shoes--Nicole Austin

Procion® MX Dye - Jet BlackProcion® MX Dye - FuchsiaProcion® MX Dye - Lilac+ 1 more

Best glue for Plastic--Nicole Austin

Devcon Plastic Welder 25 ml. SyringeTestors Plastic Model Cement 5/8 fl.oz.Pacer Z-Poxy Quick-Set 8 oz.+ 2 more

glittered wine glasses--Nicole Austin

3/4" Blue Painter's Masking TapeExtra-Fine Regal Red Polyester GlitterExtra-Fine Deep Gold Polyester Glitter+ 7 more

MSM Art Studio

Fine Gold GlitterFine Ice Blue GlitterFine Neon Lemon-Lime Glitter+ 1 more

Beth Watson Shadow Box Wish List

DuraClear Matte VarnishBaseboard with Shoe MouldingAleene's Tacky Glue - 4 oz+ 6 more